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CH Agency goes even further in the services offered with the arrival of new partners allowing 360-degree coverage of the needs of athletes as well as International Development…


For an athlete or a coach to be able to fully appreciate this privileged period of their life and perform to their fullest, everything relating to the extra-sporting environment must be facilitated and free from unnecessary constraints.

Anticipating them and responding to them without delay, particularly through our partners, is one of the fundamental roles of our agency.

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Project & Management

A career is reflected, anticipates, plans and then builds over time by adapting to the opportunities and threats that arise.

According to the profile and wishes of our members, we define with them the main stages of this desired sporting journey which will be ourroadmap common.

This step is a priority because it will guarantee theconsistency future joint decisions, particularly at key moments in a career.

Prospecting & Valuation

In order to benefit frombest opportunities and to realize them we are committed topromote our players and to relay their performances and their image by relying on the importantnetwork of contacts that we have developed with clubs in France and abroad.


Management & Contract Negotiation

We profitour years of experience in terms of contract negotiation, as well as ourrelational with club leaders in order to ensure transparent exchanges with our members and to obtain thebest conditions both in the short, medium and long term, consistent with the defined project and the essential balances.

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A professional career involves a lot oforganization administrative, legal and fiscal in view of the important issues and associated risks. We bring adaily support on these subjects via our network of specialists when necessary in order to guarantee legal and tax security and optimization.



Thanks to the bestAddress Book journalistic and media coverage of French football that is that of Christophe Hutteau and his strong web and digital audience, all the members of CH Agency benefit from a significantmedia coverage which will create the opportunities of tomorrow.


Define with our athletes aCapital Image around them corresponding to who they are and to the expectations of the identified clubs and advertisers, is the other fundamental aspect which will allow them to optimize their career at the levelsporting and financial.


Our expert partners inSports Marketing will work with them to define this desired image, then embody it in all their speeches according to messages and appropriate timing.


Finally, via our privileged relationships withbrands and equipment manufacturers, and our know-how in terms ofsponsorship, we work to promote this image created with advertisers likely to invest within the framework of individual image contracts.

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Whether at the medical level, physical, cognitive, psychological preparation, or well-being activities, we have created a network bringing togetherthe best specialists in order to optimize performance, recovery, diagnostics, protocols etc. All this in collaboration with the clubs.



Gradually preparing the post-career of its members in order to secure them in the event of a premature or planned termination is another of our main priorities defined by Christophe Hutteau, very attached to thedevelopment global andautonomy of the individual.


For this CH Agency and its partners will provide them with thetraining, networks, advice (asset management etc.) which will allow them to calmly approach this other life when it presents itself and to devote themselves fully to their present sporting activity.

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A Career and a Journey are built on the creation and seizing of Opportunities and the ability to avoid and cope with Threats; Both constitute our highlights… 

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